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Arnie Sifuentes

Creator Of Stang Hub Marketing

I have had the opportunity to learn and grow within my fields of interest. Now I have the ability to take care of projects for people & business's. My goal is to go full force with this and grow as a company. 

Work History

I've been doing media, photography and graphic design since 2010. There are project that I have taken on myself but not as a company. Ive done flyers for clubs, discount coupons for restaurants, banners for sporting events, etc... click here to view my past happy customers.

In 2022 I became the official Marketing Media Manager for the Honda Off-Road Factory Racing Team! At the same time I was working for Jsport USA & Jsport SXS as a content creator as well. Since then I've been capturing crew interactions, the Honda race cars in the middle of the action, Driver Interviews, managing the social media and even graphic designs. This opportunity was unlocked by Stang Hub! They noticed all of my work and the potential I have for the role they were looking for a the time. 

Stang Hub Roots

The beginning of Stang Hub started in 2016. It was a blend of auto enthusiasm and my set of media skills. Stang Hub hosts car shows, meets, cruises and even charity events. I have learned new ways to reach our targeted audience every single year. will forever be active as long as im alive. 

Stang Hub Marketing is completely detached from the original page. I kept the name in the tittle so you can see where it came from, but also make it clear for the separation of the pages. 

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Stang Hub Marketing

Located in Southern California, USA